Charlie . Houston TX . Newborn

Apr 2, 2015 | Children, Families, Featured, Newborns |

Can you believe how adorable this little man is?! Baby Cannon (no name yet) was only four days old and he is the sweetest little guy! I’m so baby hungry after getting to spend so much time with him! It’s been four years since my last newborn session (which was NOT a pleasant experience) but I’m so glad I said yes to doing it! Newborn sessions are HARD and LONG (thanks Cannon family for putting up with me for so long!) so I stopped shooting them a while ago to focus more on seniors.  However, as I spent time in the Cannon home, getting to know them a little better, I felt that I was really able to capture the relationships and personalities of the family and I am THRILLED with how the images turned out!

While I don’t think I’ll ever be the type of newborn photographer with tons of props and fancy equipment everywhere, I do think I’m going to try more newborn sessions. So if you or anyone you know in Houston is having a baby soon and would like some lifestyle newborn photography of their new little one, send them my way! All I ask is for a big, well lit window for some yummy light (and even then we can compromise! Did you know the pictures here on the bed were shot in a very very very dark room – you would never be able to tell right?).

Anyways, welcome to the world Baby Cannon! You are one loved little dude!

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