Ashley W . Houston TX . Senior

Apr 4, 2015 | Featured, Seniors |

Ashley was such a dream to work with today! We were set to meet at a certain spot in Memorial Park but when I arrived early there was a marathon going on and we had no where to park! Eeek! I had been there the evening before but there was NOTHING to hint at a marathon going on the next day. Ashley and mom were flexible and the sun decided to be kind to us and we figured things out. Ashley and mom hiked with me from a far off parking spot so we could embrace all of the bluebonnets Memorial Park had to offer. Awesome duo, right?! The weather was perfect and the lighting was AMAZING! One pretty girl plus yummy light equals one very happy photographer!

Ashley is so much fun and has such bright prospects ahead! She’ll be off to Baylor next year to study nursing and explore everything else college has to offer! Good luck Ashley and congratulations on *almost* finishing your senior year! It’s almost over – have so so so much fun!

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