Rachel & Clayton . Houston TX . Maternity

Aug 23, 2015 | Families, Featured, Maternity, Newborns |

Happy birthday to me! Today I turn 26 and even though it was my birthday I still scheduled a session. Why? ‘Cause  (1) aren’t they beautiful? And (2) there are few things that bring me greater joy than photographing life’s milestones – whether for myself or for someone else! And with how the images turned out, I’m so happy I said yes to being Rachel & Clayton’s photographer!

Rachel is seriously so stunning (I wish I was that cute when I was right months along!!) and the two of them together are so fun and cute (and troopers for doing an outdoor session in a Houston summer!). I can’t wait to see how sweet their little girl will turn out when she comes next month! Congratulations Rachel & Clayton! You guys are going to make such sweet and loving parents!!

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