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Nov 14, 2015 | Children, Families, Featured | 1 comment

This cute little family was such a dream to photograph! Mom is tender, Dad is playful, and these kiddos are so sweet and such great helpers! We met at Memorial Park this morning and I immediately enlisted C & N to help me decide where the best light was. We snapped a few shots of C & N in a few different spots and N insisted that the light was best in our final test area and I had to agree! Kid’s got a good eye!

The main purpose of the shoot was to focus on Mom and I was happy to oblige. Mom is going through a rough time right now – I feel so blessed that I could help in some small way to capture her in all her beauty and help her feel some semblance of joy. And even though Mom and Dad aren’t exactly into PDA, they indulged my requests of family snuggles and cuddles and I’m so happy I was able to capture the love and joy their family oozes! I know that as life changes for this family they’ll be happy to have captured this moment of their lives. Be sure to not let too much time go between your family sessions! Schedule your family session now so you don’t miss capturing all the little personalities of those you love!

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